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Most students struggle with the SAT because traditional prep lacks active learning. We have created the most engaging and results-driven SAT prep program, turning students' dream scores into realities.

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Student, United States

My SAT score increased by 100 points. I can relate to the the coach, and the community aspect is great! Highly recommend to students & parents.

Student, Italy

I increased my score by 150+ points within 1.5 months. I really liked the practice and pattern recognition modules!

Student, Puerto Rico

I just got my August Digital SAT score back and after just 1 week of studying through this method I went from a 610 to a 760!

Student, Brazil

After just 2 weeks of watching the course videos and following the process, my SAT score increased by 180 points...

Student, Colombia

My score increased by 200+ points after watching the videos and following the 3 step process. I can't thank Future Admit and Krishna enough!

Student, United States

My SAT math score increased by 130+ points after going through the practice material. Overall, self paced saved me a lot of time.

Student, Brazil

Happy with my results after working with Future Admit inside of their initial program! As an international student it was easy to understand

Student, Israel

A very efficient way to prepare for the SAT. I increased my score by 120 points within 1.5 months. Happy with the results.

Student, Israel

More practice problems than I needed which was great. I really saw the biggest score jump when I was able to find time to focus on doing these problems.

Student, Dominican Republic

Increased my Digital SAT score by 130 points in 2 months! Previously tried a tutor and group coaching, but it was hard to coordinate with my schedule...

Parent, United States

My student did indeed hit her target SAT score... but Future Admit & the team goes beyond that. My daughter relates to the modern style of teaching.

Parent, United States

My son is a student athlete and we do not have time to attend live sessions. This is far better according to my son! Happy with the results & program.

Student, United States

After only being in the course for about 2 weeks, my SAT score increased by 100 points. This material is so much easier to understand!

Student, United States

Really benefited from the course and did not feel like I was just being lectured, which allowed me to spend more time prepping!

Student, Italy

I increased my english score by 100 points after talking with Future Admit and Krishna. They respond fast, and adapt fast!

Student, United States

The resources are very simple to understand and broken down efficiently. I struggled with reading until I came across these strategies!

Student, United Stated

I am a student athlete so attending in person classes was difficult. I am happy with the results overall. I increased my score by 130 points!

Student, United States

I increased my score by 150 points. I used to struggle with the reading section, but after learning the core strategies I felt more confident.

Student, Brazil

Happy with my results after working with Future Admit inside of their initial program! As an international student it was easy to understand

The Secret Behind Why Most Struggle With The SAT...

Most people believe that you need to be a "good test taker" or naturally smart to do well on standardized tests like the SAT, but the truth is that becoming a good test taker is a skill, and skills can be developed.

On the SAT, questions and answer choices are phrased in ways that student's have never been exposed to before. This is why the SAT has a learning curve that must be overcome if students want to earn their dream score.

However, traditional prep methods have instilled the false belief in students that studying equals learning...

This leads students to believe just sitting on zoom calls, reading books, or watching videos for hours on end will increase their SAT score.  Research has proven students learn faster and more effectively through engaging and active learning.

However, traditional SAT prep is the exact opposite: passive.

Retention Rate

Becoming a "good test taker"

So how can your student develop the skill of becoming a "good" test taker so that they hit their target SAT score?

The same way they develop any other skill in life, by prioritizing doing.

The problem is that traditional SAT prep leaves students disengaged, with no time, energy, or resources to do what actually increases their score.

Students struggle with the SAT not because of the exam itself, but because of their inefficient preparation, which causes them to retake the exam repeatedly, study for hours on end without seeing results, and allows an exam to hinder their college applications.

This is why we built DreamScore University...

We believe every student is capable of hitting their dream SAT score with the right prep process.



3 Reasons Why Our Students Succeed

18+ Hours of
Engaging Lessons

Dive into 110+ engaging video lessons that keep you on your toes with interactive questions so you watch AND learn. Our lessons teach students every concept tested on the SAT plus must know strategies.

Realistic Practice

Sit down on test day thinking "I've already seen these problems before" with our question bank of 1500+ realistic SAT questions. After watching a lesson, students dive into 10-20 practice problems.


Have a question? Get it answered
within minutes inside of our community or directly chat with your SAT coach.

Results Driven Prep

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Meet The Founder 👋

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Dear Parents & Students,

As a former student athlete, balancing athletics, academics, and SAT prep was quite stressful a few years ago. This is especially the case when you join a zoom call where the audio is terrible, the video is breaking up, and the tutor is just reading off their screen. Gone are the days of long lectures.

I found myself unengaged during class, and left with no  time outside of these long sessions to actually do what improved my SAT score the most: realistic practice.

Students are busy. Driving to a class, or even joining 1-3 hour lectures online is inefficient. When I stopped consuming information, and placed more emphasis on applying what I learned, I was able to score in the top 1%.

After recognizing the inefficiencies inherent in traditional SAT prep methods, I embarked on the journey of building a prep program based on the principles of active learning, specifically tailored for the modern high school student.

SAT prep shouldn't be a guessing game. We believe earning a top SAT score is a skill that any student can develop.

Our Mission

Turn students' dream SAT scores into a reality through engaging, modern, and results-driven prep.

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Other SAT Programs

DreamScore University

Long Zoom Recordings
High quality, concise video lessons
0-100 Extra Practice Problems
1,500+ Extra Practice Problems
No real community
No extra help available
1-1 email support with YourSATCoach
15-30 page PDF
370+ Page SAT E-Book
Un-engaging classes
Engaging & interactive lessons
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Whether it be getting your  dream SAT score, earning scholarship money, or just making your family proud, Future Admit is here to turn your aspirations into tangible realities.  

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